Monday 4 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee and I'm a winner

Well, what a weekend this is turning out to be..... Saturday was the Summer Spectacular at the Glitter pot..... is it really possible to spend so much when one appears to have everything (quotes Dean!). We then travelled down to Seaford with fellow crafting buddy Janet and her husband, where we had lunch, a lovely blowy walk along the beach (the sun even emerged for a little while!)  and a little tour of their perfectly formed holiday caravan on the cliffs overlooking this beautiful stretch of beach. I am amazed at how much you can fit into such a restricted amount of space. Albeit should my crafty friend have put in even a fraction of her stash, we probably wouldn't have been able to move!!

Back in Cobham we were just in time to enjoy the last couple of hours of the street party which was still heaving 2 hours after the road closure licence expired. Good job all the people who would have driven down the cul-de-sac were making merry!

Yesterday was so miserable I couldn't stir myself to do anything, so packed the boys and the dog off down the pub and sat glued to the TV watching the River Pageant from start to finish. I have to say what an impressive lady our Maj is. I think I would have been struggling to stand all the way down the Thames and that weather let alone at the age of 86 years. She epitomises everything that is great about this country, and for this weekend all thoughts of austerity and recession are put away whilst we celebrate with this fantastic lady.

Today we ventured out to a fabulous pub (sod the diet!) near Chalfont St Peter in Bucks with the MIL. They had a huge free pig roast available for all their patrons, but we didn't want to wait and had some of their fabulous signature dishes instead. Once we had dutifully spent the afternoon fussing around her (yes I won't elaborate, but you know the personality!) we slopped off home for another night in front of the TV (well its the weather) and a watched the concert in the Mall. Once again a fabulous event, but managed to keep the Kleenex at bay until (in my opinion) Lydia sang the Gary Barlow song. I have managed to include the link from Youtube and I defy you to watch this through and not feel a well of pride at being British.

Finally I am a winner! The lovely Michelle Short over at the Card Grotto recently had a birthday and gave away some lovely candy as you can see below to yours truly! I shall have great fun playing with this and if you have a chance please check out Michelle's blog which is simply stunning.

Well as seems to be normal at the moment I need to dash so I can get dinner cooked and get my prime seat ready for the concert tonight..... how exciting.

 I will be back tomorrow..

As always thanks for looking

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