Monday 29 March 2010


Hi Everyone
As you may have noticed my last post mentioned that I would be back with some cards, which I duly made and photographed. However some person(s) of unmentionable names not to be published on my blog, kindly broke into and ransacked the house. AGHHHHH ***** !! Despite all the locks and other protection it all came down to them crowbarring the patio door off which probably took longer to do than they spent in the house, but the upshot was that I then had to spend the next week sorting out the aftermath! Apart from a bit of cash and all my jewelley they only took my SD card (with all my card photos on)! They left the laptop, my lovely camera and all the other nice electrical items hanging around the house which would have been less emotional and replaceable- typical!
Of course to top it off this had to happen just as we were about to go on holiday so the last three weeks have been spent half way around the world getting over the intrusion and all the associated madness.
So no cards for a while and it will be a while longer yet I'm afraid as I have also just started a new job (yeah!!!) and to top it off we are just about to have tons of work done on the house so I will have to pack all my crafting stuff away. However there is a plus as some of this work is going to yield a brand new (shiny!) craft room - whoop whoop!! Please keep checking as I will post (intermittantly) little bits and pieces.
Thanks for visiting and I hope to be back as soon as I can catch my breath!