Friday 23 April 2010

All moved on..

Hi All

Its been a while, but we finally moved last weekend and I  managed to sneak quite a bit of crafty stuff into our temporary home so hopefully I will be able to dive back in soon. Not being able to craft has been worse than when I gave up smoking as I find it always relaxes me no matter how tough the day. Plus its been hell  seeing all the new goodies pouring into my fav shops and having to resist temptation when I have so many other bits and pieces to order for the house. The builder starts on Monday so we are doing our final sweep of the house this weekend, which makes a great change to packing boxes - How did I manage to accumulate so much stuff!!

I have 15 weeks in our little flat and then we move back to our place and my new craft room! Can't wait!
So bear with me a little longer and I will have something to show soon.....