Tuesday, 2 June 2009

I'm alive!

Forgive me for not posting for a couple of weeks, but my 3G card wasn't working and I have been down in the depths of Cornwall for some serious R&R (including some crafting LOL).
My family has a place down in Pentire, near Newquay and we disappear down there once a year or more if we can manage it. The beauty of going to the same place is that you don't feel inclined to go out sight seeing every day, which means time to craft a little. As you can see below the views are pretty inspiring anyway whatever you are doing........
The property is an old house build by a rich business man in the 1920's for entertaining and is set into the cliff right over the sea. The place was left empty for quite a while until it was converted into 5 holiday apartments Over the years the sea has reclaimed all the marble patios lined fountains and urns back, but is still one of the most beautiful places I know.
I took this shot on Bank Holiday Monday when we were having some of the recent wonderful weather. As you can see all the Sea Pink thrift is in flower all over the cliff tops, which gives the whole area this fantastic pink glow. As I said inspirational. The house is on a National Trust headland and the only other building is a pub (just above in the picture), which is great for sundowners!
As you can see (above) the whole of the cliff side was awash with a diverse mix of plants and colours and the best bit is that as is it close (see below), but not really walking distance to Newquay it is relatively quiet for such an exquisite place. You can just see Fistral Bay, reported to be the best surfing in GB, over the headland and Newquay is in the next bay to that. I love watching the surfers waiting to catch that perfect wave and off they go with a whoosh of adrenalin. Heavenly.
Well enough waxing lyrical about my break - time for craft.....
I did make quite a few cards, but didn't get time to finish all of them off as there is only so much stash I could sneak in the boot - LOL. So I will post them over the next fews days as I add the finishing touches.
Over and out for now
Sara x

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